How To Download Instagram Photos,Video,Comment,Hashtags,Stories In One Click

Hii Guys Welcome back in my new post.In this post i will show you How to download Instagram Profile Photos, Video, Comments, Hashtags, Stories in one click. So let's start 

1. First of all you have to start Kali Machine in your Termux


2. Now you will search InstaLoader on Github

3. Now to install this tool you have to copy and paste this command in your Terminal

pip3 install instaloader

4. Now which profile photos, videos, etc. you want to download, you have to type the name of the profile.
instaloader profile linuxndroid

5.  And guys you can see Instagram's Photos, videos etc. downloaded and saved in your Kali folder

Ok guys today's post, i will show you How to download instagram profile photos, videos etc. in one click. I hope you like this post. so i will see you in the next post. Thanks And Love You 💓

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  1. How can we crack password of any social media accounts sir tell this in next video


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