How To Install VSCODE On Android Mobile | Vscode Run Kali Linux Android Without Root

Hi Guys Welcome back in my new post. In this post i will show you How to install VSCODE in Android Mobile, how to use VSCODE Kali Linux Android mobile. So let's start 

apart from this, we are also going to see in this post how you can install code server on android mobile and how you can use code server android mobile using browser.

What is Code-server

The code server is a browser based lightweight open source code editor that looks exactly like VS code editor. some Devices that are unable to support large code editor like VS code editor, cannot run it. for that, the code server is a alternatives options.

the code server that created it, that released it, the name of that organization is Coder. with the help code server, you can edit any code through your web browser, and you can modify it and also build it. code server is a great project from which any user can edit his code.

Code Server Highlights

- Code on any device with consistent development environment

- use cloud servers to speed up tests, compilations, downloads, and more

- preserve battery life when you're on the go all intensive tasks run on your server.

- code server provides a PWA , which lets you open in a native app window. this allow for key binds like Ctrl-W.

- code server runs the UI on the client-side making it fell equally responsive as VS code natively.

- code server only requires Web browser, there is no installation on the client-side

- code server is open source, and MIT licensed, you can mutate the source in any way you'd like with your remote experiences.

Code server Requirements

By the way, there is not much requirement. your system for running the code server, because it is a browser based Code editor, so it does not much requirement, the special think is the code server, that you can install and run on your android mobile. 

however, i will recommend you that there should be this minimum requirements in your system. for good experience, we recommend at least 1GB RAM and 2 Cores. this is enough to install and run code server on your machine.

Code server support 

Code server supports all operating system. whatever you are using windows, or using Linux and using MacOS, and also you can install and run it from Your android mobile. because you know the code server runs on web browser, so then install anywhere, you will use it from the browser.

Code server Vs VS Code

which of the better code server and VS code. so i give you a simple answer of this, VS code editor will be better, because you know VS code is a very large code editor and code server is a lightweight browser based editor, code server, it is a simple project that gives you the option of code editing from your browser.

Installation Process..

now we see how you can install and use code server in Android mobile with the help of Termux, by installing code server in termux you will access the code server panel from your browser.

1. First of all you have to Start Your Kali machine OS in Termux, I Already Have Kali Linux Installed in My Termux, if you do not have kali OS installed from your Termux, 

2. After this, you have to download the file of Vscode, for that you copy and paste this command in your terminal.

3. After downloding the file, you have to extract it, so guys copy and paste this command on your terminal.
tar -xvf ./code-server2.1698-vsc1.41.1-linux-arm64.tar.gz

4. now you have to paste the code-server Main File inside the bin folder, so guys copy this command and paste it on your terminal.
cp ./code-server2.1698-vsc1.41.1-linux-arm64/code-server /bin

5. Ok everything is done, now you have start the codeserver, for this you type the code-server your terminal

6. after the code server starts, you have to copy the default password of the code server and paste it on the address http://localhost:8080 in your web browser.

7. And guys here you can see Vscode you can run on your android mobile from web browser.

8. Now if you want to change the default password of the code-server, then guys copy and paste this command on your terminal 
export PASSWORD="your_passwrod"

9. after the guys password is set, you have to return start code-server so you type code-server your terminal.

10. And guys, here you can see the successfull Vscode you run on Android mobile from your browser.

Proc and Cons Code-server


  • 100% free open source
  • Minimum Requirements
  • Browser Based
  • Support All Devices
  • Lightweight


  • Not Support all software
  • Minimum Editing
  • Controlling issues


this post is a conclusion of how you can install the code server and how you can run code server editor in your Android mobile, and if you have to run VS code editor, you can use code server editor.

apart from this, i have also show you in this post why code server is better, why should you use a code server and how much editing you can do from the code server. I have told you all of that in this post.

so how did this post tell me comment below, so i hope you like this post and i will see you in the next post Thanks.

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