How To Build Auto Hide App Via Coding | Create PhoneMonitior AutoHide App?

Hii Guys Welcome back you my new post in this post i will show you How To Create Auto Hide App Via Coding, Create auto hide app So let's start ok

1. first of all, you have to import the source code In AIDE Project of the application that you want to auto hide.Then You have to open File.

2. after opening the main activity files, you have to add this auto hide code in the last line of the application, so copy and paste this code.

    private void fn_hideicon() {

3. Guys after adding this hide code, you also have to import the package manager This file. so for this you copy and paste this code.

4. ok guys after adding code then you have to Build the application.

5. and guys you can see here your application is successfully build, you have to install and check your mobile.

6. now I tab on the application and guys you can see the application icon is automatically hidden from our mobile.

7. and guys you can see our mobile is connected on the PhoneMonitor Control panel,so our application successfully auto hidden.

Ok guys so today's post i will show you how to create auto hide app via coding and create phonemonitor auto hide app so i hope you like this post so i will see you in the next post, Thanks and Love you

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