How To Install Letets Debian OS On Android Mobile Without Root

Hi Guys welcome back you my new post in this post i will show How to install Debian OS on Android mobile Via Termux Without Root So let's start ok.

apart from this, we are also going to see in this post how we can installing Debian operating system on Android Mobile and How we can use Debian graphically in Android Mobile.

About Debian Linux

Debian also we known as Debian GNU/Linux, is a Linux distribution composed of free and open source software, developed by the community-supported Debian project, which was established by lan Murdock on August 16, 1993. and the first stable version was released on June 17, 1996.

the Debian stable branch is the most popular edition for personal computers and servers, Debian is also the basis for many other Linux distributions, like Kali Linux and Ubuntu.

Debian Package Management

Package management operation can be performed with different tools available on Debian, from the lowest level command dpkg to graphical front-end like synaptic, the recommended standard for administering packages on a Debian system is the apt toolset.

APT Command in Debian

apt an (Advance Packaging Tool) allow administering an installed Debian system to retrieve and resolve package dependencies from repositories. APT share dependency information and cached packages.

- the apt command itself is intended as an end user interface and enables some options better suited for interactive usages by default compared to more specialized. APT like apt-get and apt-cache.

- apt-get and apt-cache are command tools of the standard apt package. apt-get install and removes packages and apt-cache is used for searching packages and displaying package information.

Debian Desktop Environments

inside Debian you get to see all kinds of desktop environments, Debian support all these desktop environment. and Debian offers CD and DVD images specifically built for XFCE, GNOME, KDE, MATE Cinnamon, LXDE, and LXQT, MATE officially supported, while Cinnamon support was added with Debian 8.0 jessie.

the default desktop environment of version 70 wheezy was temporarily switched to XFCE, because GNOME 3 did not fit on the first CD of the set. the default for the version 8.0 jessie, was changed again to XFCE in November 2013.

Debian Architecture

in Debian you get support of all kinds of architecture. you can installing Debian every architecture devices. now we know which architecture Debian supports.

supported Architecture

- amd64. x86_64 architecture with 64-bit userland and supporting 32-bit software
- arm64. ARMV8-A architecture
- arml. Little-endian ARM architecture on various embedded system
- armhf. ARM hard-float architecture requiring hardware with a floating-point unit
- i386. IA-32 architecture with 32-bit userland , compatible with x86-64 machines
- mips. Big-endian MIPS architecture
- mips6el. Little-endian 64bit MIPS
- mipsel. Little-endian MIPS
- ppc64el. Little-endian PowerPC architecture supporting POWER7+ and POWER8 CPUs
- s390x. z/architecture with 64-bit userland, intended to replace s390.

Installation Process..

Now we see how you can install Debian operating system in your Android Mobile, and how you can use graphically on Android Mobile. note that inside this post, I will show you by installing Debian in Android Mobile using Termux.

1. first of all, you have to open Termux, and whatever is the requirement package you have to install. like wget, and openssl-tool, and proot first of all you have to install it in your termux, so that you do not have any problem in downloading and installing Debian file's.
pkg install wget openssl-tool proot -y

2. after installing the package you have to download the Debian OS File, you have to download the installer Debian file from AnLinux, this is stable version, so you have to download this file, for this you copy and paste this command on your terminal.

3. after the file is downloaded, you have to execute it, for this you follow this command.

4. it can take 2 to 3 minutes to download a debian rootfs file, after that you can run start-debian file, for this you follow this command.

5. ok guys after coming to the root@localhost if you want to setup a desktop environment, so you can copy and paste this command in your terminal.
wget && bash

6. after setting up desktop environment by default Vncserver starts, if you want to start separately then follow this command.

7. now you have to open the VncViewer Application and type localhost:1 in the address then fill vncserver password and click continue button.

8. and guys finally you can see Debian Linux operating system we can use and run graphically on our android without rooted mobile 

Proc and Cons Debian


  • 100% free Open source
  • excellent Website and Community support
  • painless software installation with apt-get
  • stability and security
  • Largest number of installed packages


  • Not always up-to-date
  • Install with only  free software
  • Debian use systemd


This post is a conclusion of how you can install Debian operating system on your Android Mobile, and also how you can run Debian operating system on your Android Mobile.

apart from this, I have also told you in this post, why Debian operating system is the best, what are the features you get inside Debian operating system. so how did this post tell me comment below, so i hope you like this post and i will see you in the next post Thanks.

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