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 Hi Hacker's welcome back my new blog post, in this post we will learn how to hack WhatsApp and How to recover WhatsApp chat without devices, we are going to learn how you can recover WhatsApp data & chats. so without wasting your time let's go.

Please note that in order to recover chats, you need to have previously backed up your WhatsApp data using one of the available methods, such as Google Drive (Android) or iCloud (iOS). If you did not set up a backup before uninstalling WhatsApp or if you have no available backups, it may not be possible to recover your chats.

How to recover WhatsApp Chat Without Phone.

Whichever WhatsApp chat you are recovering now, make sure that WhatsApp is backend up on Google Drive. so for this we are going to use a tool which you will find on our GitHub page.

Step-2: How to Extract WhatsApp Chats & Data

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Download and extract this tool on your Windows machine. After that, run the requirement.txt file, so that whatever requirement dependencies will be download to your Windows machine.

Note: Make sure you have Python 3.11 version

python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Step-3: Best WhatsApp Forensic Tool 

now you need to upgrade some python dependencies, so that this tool will work properly on your Windows Machine, and help to recover data for WhatsApp chats.

pip install gpsoauth && pip install requests==2.23.0

How to Work Google Drive & WhatsApp Backup

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The exact details of how WhatsApp backup works on the Google Drive backend are not publicly disclosed by WhatsApp or Google. However, I can provide a general overview of how cloud backups typically function:

Encryption: WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption to secure your chats and media. However, when backing up your data to Google Drive, it's important to note that the backup is not end-to-end encrypted. Instead, it uses encryption methods implemented by Google Drive to protect your data during transit and storage.

Data Transfer: When you initiate a backup from WhatsApp, the application compresses your chat history, media files, and settings into a single encrypted file. This file is then uploaded to your Google Drive account using the appropriate API or integration provided by Google.

Storage: Once uploaded, the backup file resides in your Google Drive storage. The file size and storage space it occupies depend on the amount of data being backed up.

Incremental Backups: WhatsApp employs an incremental backup approach. This means that after the initial backup, subsequent backups only include changes and updates made since the last backup, reducing the backup size and time required.

Backup Management: Google Drive manages the backup files, including storage allocation and retention policies. Depending on your Google Drive settings, older backups may be automatically deleted to make room for newer ones.

It's worth noting that WhatsApp backup on Google Drive is a collaborative effort between WhatsApp and Google. WhatsApp provides the backup data, while Google Drive provides the storage infrastructure and related services. The specifics of the implementation may vary, and any changes or updates to the backup process are typically managed by WhatsApp through app updates.

Step.4: Can Possible Without Phone Recover WhatsApp Chat

see it is possible to recover whatsapp chat without device. but for one time you need to have phone in your hand, because we are need Android ID. with its help, we will use to Recover WhatsApp chat.

adb shell settings get secure android_id

Step.5: Can possible Recover WhatsApp chat in Google Drive

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it is absolutely possible. if you want to recover other WhatsApp chat from Google Drive, then you must have access to Google Account. after having both these Google Account & Android ID, now you do not need to login to the Target WhatsApp Number.

Note: Paste Google Account Credentials & Android ID (Target)

Step.6: Forensic WhatsApp Chat & History

after doing so many things, now you have to give a command so that you can recover the WhatsApp data of the target and see what conversations and what data has been exchanged on WhatsApp.

python WhatsAppGDExtract.py sync

Step.7: WhatsApp Data recover tool

Finally, you can see that whatever WhatsApp data will be there from that target number, everything will be downloaded to your computer on Google drive and you can do analysis through it. or all evidence can be collected from the Target WhatsApp Account. 


Conclusion of this post that how you can restore WhatsApp backup again through Google Drive. and inside this post, I have also told you how you can restore and collect chat history from Google Drive without device. so I hope you like this post and enjoy. Thanks :)

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