How To Access Mobile Internal Storage In Kali Linux Without Rooted | Mount Mobile Sdcard In All OS

Hii Welcome back my new post in this post i will show How To Access Mobile Internal Storage in Kali Linux Without Rooted, Mount mobile Sdcard All OS ok so let's start.

1. First of all you have to open your Termux and you have to edit start file of whatever OS you have installed.


2. After opening the start file you have to come to line 20 and you have to renove the # then save the file.

3. After editing the file, you have to update your Linux Machine 

apt update

4. Now you have to open a Sdcard folder and see your mobile internal storage.

5. and guys finally you can see that you can access your mobile sdcard, and you can import/export any files folder.

Ok guys so today's post i will show you how to access mobile internal storage in kali linux and mount mobile sdcard all os so i hope you like this post and i will see you in the next post Thanks And Love You.

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