How To Install Alpine Linux On Android Mobile Without Root | Run GUI Alpine Linux on Android Mobile

Hi Guys welcome back you my new post in this post i will show you How To Install Alpine OS On Android Mobile Without Rooted So let's start ok.

apart from this, we will see how you can install Alpine Linux operating system in your Android Mobile and ARM device inside it, how can you use it inside your android mobile.

About Alpine Linux

Alpine Linux is a Linux distribution based on Busybox and musl libc, is an independent, non-commercial general purpose linux distribution design for power users who appreciate security simplicity and resources efficiency.

History Alpine Linux

Alpine Linux was first released here in 2005. and originally, alpine Linux began as a fork of the Leaf project the member of Leaf wanted to continue making a Linux distribution the could fit on a single floppy disk, where as the alpine Linux is to include some more heavyweight package such as squad and samba, as well as additional security feature and newer kernel.

why Alpine Linux so small

now we know why Alpine Linux is Small size on other Linux distribution, Alpine Linux is lightweight because it built around musl libc and busybox, this is makes it smaller and more resources efficient than traditional GNU/Linux distribution  a container required no more than 8 MB and minimum installation to describe required around 130 MB of storage not only do you get a fully fledged Linux environment but a large selection of package from that repository.

Alpine Linux A Simple Distribution

Now we know why Alpine Linux is a simple distribution and the way it work is also quite simple. that will try to stay out of your way, it uses its own package manager call apk, the OpenRC init system script driven set-ups and that's it, it this provide you with a simple crystal-clear Linux environment without all the noise, you can then add on top of that just the package you need of your project, so whatever it's building a home PVR, or an ISCSI storage controller, a wafer-thin mail server container, or a rock-solid embedded switch, nothing else will get the way.

why developers like Alpine Linux

Programmers and developers love Alpine Linux because it image size very small to be secure inside a good container, as well as Alpine Linux is much faster. because every programmer and developers wants that their work is the fastest, easy, and it does not take time.

Is Alpine Linux More secure

if we look at the Alpine Linux Security, it is a Linux distribution, then obviously it will be secure. Alpine Linux was designed with security in mind, all userland binaries are complied as positions independent executable (PIE) with stack smalling protection, these proactive security feature prevent exploitation on entire classes of zero day and other vulnerabilities.

Alpine Linux Features

Now we know what features you get to see in Alpine Linux, Alpine Linux uses its own package management system apk-tools, which originally was collections shell script but was later rewritten in C. Alpine currently contains most commonly used package such Gnome, XFCE, Firefox and others.

apart from this, which is the best features of Alpine Linux, it is very lightweight distro, it allows very small Linux container around 8 MB in size, while a minimum installations to disk might be around 130 MB.

another best feature is Alpine Linux distro, it is available many architectures like armhf, aarch64, armv7, x86, x86_64 so that you can install it on many machines like Android Mobile and respberry pi.

ok so now let's see how you can install Alpine Linux in your Android mobile. in this post I am telling you to install inside a ARM devices. with same process, you can install other architectures devices like raspberry pi etc.

Installation Process.

1. First of all you have to download and open your Termux Then Download the file of Alpine OS, for this you copy and paste this command on your termux.
pkg update -y && pkg install curl proot tar -y && curl | bash

2. After the Alpine Linux OS file is downloaded and extracted, you have to run the start-alpine file, after this you will come to localhost:~# of Alpine.

3. after you comming the root shell alpine Linux OS, you have to configure the vncserver password, 

4. after verifying the password you have to start vncserver so that you will be able to use the Alpine Linux OS Graphically.

5. ok guys after starting the Vncserver, you have to download and open the VNC viewer application and type localhost:1 in the address and file your vnc password.

6. and guys finally, you can see alpine Linux OS we can use graphically on our android mobile.

Proc and Cons Alpine Linux


  • Small image size
  • Good in Container
  • Secure Linux
  • Fastest Distro


  • Distro quality
  • Not Available every tool
  • Repository Issues


this post is a conclusion of how you can install Alpine Linux on your Android Mobile. and how you can run graphically Alpine Linux on Android Mobile.

apart from this, I have also told you inside this post that why you should use Alpine Linux, which features do you get in Alpine Linux. so how did this post tell me comment below, so i hope you like this post and i will see you in the next post Thanks.

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