How to Create Windows RDP Free | $150 Free Vultr Credits


Hi Hacker's welcome back my new blog post, in this post I will share you how to create Vultr India Account  and How to create Windows RDP Free. So without wasting your time let's get start.

GET Free $150 Credit Vultr Account

Step-1 How to signup Vultr Account.

First thing you need to do create an account on Vultr. you have to signup with your email and password. To signup you can click on our given link and you can signup on it

Step-2 How To add billing address on Vultr india.

inside the billing address, first you have paste tour Real Name and Your Home address. After this if you have a credit card, then you can use that credit card. if you do not have then do not panic, we will pay it the next step.

Note:- How to get free $150 Credit in Vultr

in vultr you get a $150 free credit. if you have to created an account from the link given by me, for this you can use the coupon code given below.

Vultr Promo Code:- 30VULTRONEFIFTY

Step-3 How to pay Vultr Cloud without Credit card.

so to create Vultr account successfully we have to add few Doller inside it, Minimum we can add within $10 (770rs). so that our account is created successfully and we get free $150 credit inside our Account.

How to use paypal to pay Vultr.

Step-4 Supported Payment Method in Vultr India.

now you can see that we have successfully transferred the credit inside our vultr account. A total of $160 has been credited in our account, so that we can use the machine for one month for as free.

Step-5 How to Create Windows RDP on Vultr VM

after free credit, now how to to create Windows RDP inside Vultr VM, let's see, so here I am using shared vCPU servers, which we will get very cheap. if we use a dedicated vCPU server then it costs us a lot.

which CPU and storage Technology do you want to use now? By default here you will get AMD CPU. I am also using AMD CPU here.

now which data center do you have to use. By default Tokyo data center selected, if you want to change then you can use your According like India, USA etc.

after selecting the data center, now in the next step, we have to select the Image of the Operating System. inside the Vultr you get to see linux and windows OS Images. so here I am going to use Windows 2019 OS.

after selecting the operating system, no come the total cost of your machine, you can see here. the charge for month is $26, if you can use Windows Machine. in this you will get a 1 vCPU as well as 2GB RAM support.

after selecting all these, now you can successfully deploy your windows VM, before that, what to want to name your windows VM, you can select it here.

after deploy to the machine, now you can see. inside your dashboard, you are getting to see the IP address of your Windows machine, along with the username and password

now with the given username and password, we can login our windows VM. now to login we find an application named RDP inside Windows. You have to open it and you can get access inside your VM by giving username and password.

How to use Windows RDP for Bug Hunting 

after login your machine, you can see how much GB RAM and how much storage you get available inside your VM. now you can use this machine for your development and Bug Hunting and Learning.

Step-6 How much cost 1 month Windows RDP.

Now I'm about to show you what's inside the Vultr can really does a $26 charge of the month. I made a windows RDP same Configuration 15 Days back. now you can see his charge $13 is done. so that means at $26 a month we can give the Vultr for RDP


 so this post a discussion of how to create windows RDP without AWS, Google cloud, Azure. so Vultr can be a good option. if you are find best windows VM. so how was this post please do comment below. and I will see you in the next post, till then Take care. Bye :)

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