How To Use Kali Linux Droplet in Digital Ocean | 16 GB RAM VPS Free

Hi Guys, welcome back my new Blog Post. in this blog post I will share how to install and use Kali Linux on Digital Ocean. and How to use kali linux vm on Digital ocean. so let's go how to setup kali linux in digital ocean.

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Step-1 How to use Kali Linux VPS on Digital Ocean

After login your Digital ocean account, you will get option on your dashboard which is named Droplets. so by clicking on it you will deploy to a New VM Machine.


After clicking on droplets, now you have to choose an operating system for your VM. so I would recommend you to select Ubuntu Operating system only.

Step-3 How to use 8GB RAM VPS 

after selecting the ubuntu machine, you will now get a plan to see the option where you can start only $6/month. But we are using the $48/month plan because inside it we get to see support of 8GB RAM and you know you're getting $100 Credit free through digital ocean, which you can use here.

now you can choose any name of your droplet. (ex.kali) and then click on the create button.

after click on the Create button, you will be able to see on your dashboard your VM is ready. you will also get to see the IP address of your VM Machine. 

now you can connect your VM via SSH with this IP address. I can use WSL to connect our VM.

ssh root@ip

Step-4 Change Kali Repository in Ubuntu VM

after login to your VM, first you have to change your repositories. we will replace the repository with Kali repository. because we will install any tools that use Kali repository.

deb kali-rolling main contrib non-free
deb-src kali-rolling main contrib non-free

Step-5 Update Kali Working GPG Key 

after changing the repositories, now you have to import Kali GPG key inside your VM. so that if you update your machine, not show any errors.

gpg --keyserver --recv-key ED444FF07D8D0BF6
gpg -a --export ED444FF07D8D0BF6 | sudo apt-key add -

now you have to update and upgrade your machine so that the latest packages are installed inside your machine. also your Ubuntu machine should be Changed under Kali.
apt update && apt dist-upgrade

after the machine has been successfully update and upgrade, you can see that your Ubuntu machine is now converted to the latest version of Kali Linux.

Step-6 How to Setup Xfce4 in Kali 2022

now you have to install GUI tools inside your Kali machine. so that you can use Kali Linux graphically. for this we will install Xfce4 desktop environment and also need tightvncserver. so you below command for installation.
apt install kali-desktop-xfce tightvncserver lxterminal firefox-esr

after all the packages have been installed, now you need to setup the VNC server. first of all you setup vnc password.

after setup VNC server password, now you have to start VNC server, with the help of which you will be able to use your Kali machine graphically.

after starting the VNC server, you can now connect to it with the help of VNC viewer application with the IP address your VM and 5901 port as well. 

Step-7 Finally Done

finally you can see that you are using Kali linux Graphically inside your Digital ocean VM. because for now Digital Ocean can't Provide Kali Linux VM. So hope you like this Method.


This post is a conclusion of how we can setup and install Kali linux inside Ubuntu VM in digital Ocean. through this method, you can setup kali Any debian Linux Distro. so I hope you like this post and learn new Thing, and I will see you in then next post Thanks Given Time, BYE..

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