How To Hack WhatsApp Account 2024 | Hijack WhatsApp Account

 Hi Hacker's Welcome Back our new blog post, in this blog I will show you How Hacker Hack WhatsApp Account. and How To Hack WhatsApp Account. So without wasting your time, let's start.

What is EvilJack & QRLJacking

QRLjacking, short for Quick Response Code Login jacking, is a type of social engineering attack that targets the authentication process used by some applications and services. It involves an attacker tricking a victim into scanning a QR code that contains malicious data. This QR code is often presented to the victim in a way that seems legitimate, such as on a website, in a mobile app, or even printed on a physical object.

The attack typically follows these steps:

1: The attacker sets up a malicious website or mobile app that displays a QR code, which appears to be associated with a legitimate service, such as a login for a website or a Wi-Fi network.

2 : The victim is enticed or tricked into scanning the QR code using their mobile device's camera, often believing that they are logging in or connecting to a trusted service.

3: The QR code, when scanned, redirects the victim to a malicious website or captures their login credentials, access tokens, or other sensitive information.

4: With the victim's credentials or access tokens, the attacker gains unauthorized access to the victim's account or resources.

QRLjacking can be a powerful attack because it leverages the convenience of QR codes for quick access and authentication. Users often trust QR codes as a secure means of interaction, but in this context, they can be manipulated for malicious purposes. To protect against QRLjacking, users should always be cautious when scanning QR codes, especially those they encounter online or in untrusted sources. Additionally, organizations should implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) and regularly educate their users about potential social engineering attacks.

1: Hijack WhatsApp Account

to hijack WhatsApp, we are going to use the EvilJack tool inside this Blog post, which you can easily get on the GitHub. You can Download it on Windows Machine.

2: Tool for WhatsApp Hack

now you have to install Python in your Windows Machine, so while install python, you should enable "Add python.exe to Path" so that you can run python from anywhere in your Machine. 

3: Free WhatsApp Hacking Tool

after Python is installed, you will now need to install some python dependencies to run this Tool. inside your Machine, so that this tool proper can be installed and run.

Set Python Venv

python -m venv venv

Activate Python Venv


Installing Some Python Dependencies

pip install pyautogui pyzbar Pillow Flask pyocr pytesseract

4: Best Tool For WhatsApp Hacking 2024

you may encounter error while installing dependencies or running the tool, to fix this, you can download and install this Microsoft C++  vcredist_x64.exe file on your Windows Machine.

dll error in pyzbar module

installing Microsoft C++  vcredist_x64.exe

5: Free WhatsApp Hacking Tools

now you have to download the Tesseract file inside your Windows, this will basically optimize your sessions whenever you capture the Victim's session.

What is Tesseract-OCR

Tesseract OCR is an open-source optical character recognition (OCR) engine developed by Google. OCR technology is used to convert images or scanned documents containing text into machine-readable text data. Tesseract is one of the most widely used and accurate OCR engines available, and it is capable of recognizing text from a wide range of languages and fonts.

Here are some key features and information about Tesseract OCR:

1: Open Source: Tesseract OCR is an open-source project, which means it is freely available for anyone to use, modify, and distribute. It is maintained by a community of developers and is hosted on GitHub.

2: Language Support: Tesseract OCR supports a large number of languages, making it a versatile tool for OCR tasks in different parts of the world. It can recognize text in various scripts and character sets.

3: High Accuracy: Tesseract OCR has a reputation for its accuracy in text recognition. It uses various techniques, including deep learning models, to improve the accuracy of OCR results.

4: Command-Line Tool: Tesseract OCR can be used via a command-line interface, which makes it accessible for a wide range of applications, including batch processing of scanned documents.

5: Integration: Tesseract OCR can be integrated into various applications, including document management systems, content retrieval systems, and more. It has APIs and libraries for various programming languages, making it accessible to developers.

6: Preprocessing and Training: Tesseract OCR can be trained and configured for specific use cases. Users can preprocess images and fine-tune Tesseract for better recognition in specialized contexts.

7: Continuous Improvement: The Tesseract project is actively developed and maintained, with contributions from both the open-source community and Google. This means that the engine is continually improved and updated.

Tesseract OCR is widely used in applications that require the extraction of text from images, such as digitizing printed documents, automating data entry, and enabling text-based search within scanned documents. It is a powerful and versatile tool for businesses, researchers, and developers who need to work with text in image or document formats.

After Tesseract installed, You need to Add Path Variables ,

Note: After Added Path Variables, Make Sure You Can Reboot Your Machine.

6: WhatsApp Hacking 2024

Ok, now it's time to run this tool, so before running it, first of all you have to activate venv. after that you can run this tool with python command.


Same As Open Other CMD same folder and Type this command for Evil server start in Port 5000


7: WhatsApp Account Hijack

now you have to send this server URL (http://YourIP:5000) to then victim with the help of Social Engineering , and you have to open WhatsApp Web in your Browser.

8: Final Steps

and finally you can see whoever scans this QR code. with hep of WhatsApp, his WhatsApp session will be shown in your Windows. this is how hackers hijack your WhatsApp Account.


This is the conclusion of this post, How hackers Hack your WhatsApp account. To Avoid this, you should never scan your WhatsApp for Unknown Links. so I hope You Like This post & Enjoy, and Don't Forget to Subscribe My YouTube & Instagram. Thanks :)

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