EvilTeam:The Advanced RedTeaming & Phishing Simulation Attacks.

Hi Hacker's, I hope You are well, I want to tell you that, I have recently released a Complete RedTeaming Course for all of you. This course is a complete based on the social Engineering and simulate Advanced Phishing Attacks.

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Courses Curriculum

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    Introduction Our Course

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    Complete Setup Beef Browser Exploit (WAN)

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    Host A Website & Add Beef Hook URL

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    Beef + Metasploit Complete Demonstrate

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    Complete GoPhish Setup & Attack Demonstrate

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    Evilginx Complete Setup & How to Attack

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    Evilginx + GoPhish Complete Attacks Demonstrate

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    How To Add More Evilginx Phishlets

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    How To Spoof Email + GoPhish Email Spoof Campaign

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    Complete BITB Attack Demonstrate

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    Auto Response & Auto Submit Phishing Page

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    How To Hijack WhatsApp & Telegram Sessions

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    How to Perform URL Spoofing

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    How to call Private number Worldwide

  • What You Learn in This course

    The Complete Demonstrate About Beef-Xss (Browser Explorations) it is an open-source penetration testing tool that focuses on the web browser. BeEF is not inherently malicious; it is designed for security professionals and researchers to test the security of web browsers by demonstrating the risks of client-side vulnerabilities.

    In this Course, we have showed you how to setup the beef framework completely and how you can Hook URL in Website and Hijack Victim Browser, and also completely penetrating the victim system using Beef + Metasploit. 

    in this course we will completely understand about the browser in the browser How is it attacked. and also we are going to integrate phishing URL inside Browser in the Window.

    Evilginx is a phishing tool designed to perform man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks against user sessions during the authentication process. It was created to demonstrate the vulnerability of two-factor authentication (2FA) when used in conjunction with certain login systems.
    along with the complete setup Evilginx, we will also demonstrate the attacks an how the hacker can use the cookies to login into your account and also fix the errors.

    in this course, we will also setup the GoPhish, and together we will do Evilginx and GoPhish so that our Phishing attacks can seem like real life.

    we will demonstrate another real life attack here. in which we will use email Spoofing and GoPhish email campaigns to send link to the victim. and this will work like a real life attack, and the user will feel that it is a real email, I have received an email from the real company.

    in this course, we are also going to capture the WhatsApp and Telegram session hijack, How will the use scan the QR Code and we will be able to take his entire session on our computer.

    In this course we will demonstrate an attack in which the victim provides his credentials to our phishing page. that page will automatically open in our browser and all the credentials given in the victim will be submitted there. Now there will also be 2FA the victim's account that too will be automatically submitted there.

    So if you plan to try this course then first checkout Requirements.
    •     Windows 10, 11, pro
    •     500kbps Internet Speed
    •     Google Chrome & Firefox browser
    •     You should understand Hindi & English language

    Check Out Our EvilTeam Course: 👉 Link  

    Developer Link For Help To Make This Training.

    Kuba Gretzky (@mrgretzky)

    if Any Doubt ask me our WhatsApp And Telegram. Thanks For Reading :)

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