SquareX -A Free Inbuilt Privacy Maintainer & Disposable Service Tool

Hi Guy's Welcome Back Our New Blog Post, in this post I will share you All in one Security Tool Whose name is SquareX. You can maintain your privacy with the help of SquareX. so in this Blog I will help you How to Use SquareX, and How SquareX Help Your Work. Let's Start.

What is SquareX Special 

SquareX's vision is to create an integrated solution for a user's online security, anonymity, and privacy needs. By adopting the contrarian approach of using a Deterministic Security Model and offering a unified, fully integrated solution for network, host, and web browsing threats, SquareX is confident in its potential to disrupt the existing endpoint security space and prioritize user experience and productivity once more.

Features Of SquareX

  • Disposable Browser
  • Disposable File Viewer
  • Disposable Email
  • Ads Block
  • High Speed Internet
Step.1: Disposable Service Tool SquareX
to use SquareX you will have to visit its Official website. Here you will get Two options. you can integrate it inside Google Chrome or you can use it directly from the Web browser. First of all, we will check the website here and further we will add its extensions inside Google Chrome.

After This you have to Sign-up/Login to SquareX. for this you can use Google Account, Microsoft & Email ID.

Step.2: Privacy Maintain Tool SquareX
Here we have three features of SquareX that we can use. First of all, we will use Disposable Browser, for this you have to select Region and click Start button

How it Work Disposable Browser: Disposable browser is a system that allow you to open a separate browser inside your own browser and there you can do all your work anonymously, After Disposable browser use, No one website can track you and do not need to add any VPN & Proxy, because if you add a VPN then your internet speed also becomes slow and it is not completely secure. so that is why it becomes important for us to use Disposable Browser

And you can see that within few seconds we can use SquareX Disposable Browser, its Based on Singapore.

And This browser is completely safe. You will visit any Website without any tracking, if you check its internet speed, you will get very good internet speed here.

the special thing about disposable browser is that you can share this entire session if you want. together with your friends and your Team. you can start your work on the same browser, which will make it much easier for you. 

Okay, now you are working on this browser and if you want to extend the entire session of this browser further. that means a few more minutes re needed to work on this browse, you can also do that on SquareX disposable browser. which is a very good features so that You can extend your sessions and take more minutes.

How it Work Disposable File Viewer: Disposable File Viewer is a feature that lets you Scan any malicious file without Download your computer. Disposable File Viewer is a use a parallel file system, where you can upload a malicious file and see the content inside it. You do not need to download file in your Computer. so that your system can be protected from malware and without your system getting infected with malware, You can also view that file.

Step.3: Disposable File Viewer SquareX
Now let us look at other features of SquareX, which is the Disposable File Viewer or Scanner.

the special thing is that here you get to see multiplex file support, which may contain malicious code. Like PDF, Zip, Doc, PNG, etc. you can access all these file inside the disposable file viewer. without affecting your computer.

Disposable Email: Disposable email is becomes a very important part in this data security world because here you need to create account on multiple websites. then you can convert your Primary email into a disposable or temporary email and create an account on the website. 

Step.4: Disposable Email SquareX
Now let us look at the feature, which is about disposable email or Temp Email, how you can use it.

you can use this email to create accounts on Multiple Websites. I sent a mail on this email address from my email and you can see. that successful mail has received.

Step.5: Add SquareX in Google Chrome
now you can integrate SquareX with Google Chrome and make you work much easier. For this, you will get the extension of SqaureX which you can download and add inside you Google Chrome.

and you can see that all those features are available here also, now you can Use SquareX here along with your browser surfing and make your work best and keep it safe.

the conclusion of this post is that if you want to maintain privacy and you want to have some disposable services like Browser, File Viewer, Email, then you can use SquareX. It is free tool an d maintain your privacy. and Provides Safe & Disposal Services. 

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